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  • Learn how to successfully give 
    HIIT the Beat® classes
  • ​Inspire others and change lives
  • Be your own boss and work on your terms
  • ​100+ detailed learning videos
  • Learn in your own pace

Follow your fitness passion and do more of what you love!

Be your own boss and work whenever and wherever you want

Inspiriere others and help them change their lives!

Experienced trainers can earn up to €100 per hour

HIIT the Beat® is the perfect fusion of High Intensity Inteval Training (HIIT), functional exercises and infectious beats.  
Your participants will really learn somethim! With every step they will not only improve their coordination, mobility, strength,  and stamina but will also learn some cool moves!
You can train participants with different fitness levels in the same class as every exercise has different variations - thanks to our unique level system!
The concept is designed so that the participants experience maximum variation while the trainer can still follow a simple and clear structure.

The music will guide through the workout and make your job easier. Regular updates with new music and new exercises will keep your classes fresh.
We will help you become a successful trainer, put your classes on our website and provide promotional material - for free!
Also you will be part of our exclusive trainer group on facebook, in which you can ask questions and get help from experienced trainers.

Our priority is that EVERY HIIT the Beat trainer becomes successful!
HOW TO EARN MONEY WITH hiit the beat®
Fitness studios and participants are always on the search for new exciting classes and passionate trainers who love what they do!
It's easier than you think - over 1000 trainers already did it!
what you will learn
  • Experience the perfect Breakletics Session
  • ​How to build a session for beginners
  • ​How to increase the level with diversity and fun
  • Common mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Motivation: why do you want to become a HIIT the Beat trainer?
  • ​History: That's how HIIT the Beat came into being
  • ​Philosophy: the meaning behind HIIT the Beat
  • Mission: what we want to achieve with HIIT the Beat
  • ​How music is the foundation of a HIIT the Beat session
  • ​Definition of genre, pace, and rhythm
  • Understand the different roles of the music
  • How we adapt movement concepts from breakdancing to fitness
  • ​Difference between specific movement and motion concept
  • ​How to progressively increase the level of difficulty through the level system
  • ​Practical demonstration of the level system
  • Dimensions of the exercises: creativity, diversity, coordination
  • Why the range of motion of the human body is almost infinite
  •  Wie des Breakletics Repertoire ständig weiterentwickelt wird
  •  Das sind die Testprozesse und das Qualitätsmanagement für neue Übungen
  •  Wieso jede Übung die Grundlage für eine schwierigere Übung ist
  •  Was ist "Self Development" und "Self Expression", wo ist liegt der Unterschied und wie kann beides als Grundlage zur langfristigen Motivation dienen?
Allgemeine Trainingswissenschaftliche Aspekte
  • Funktionalität: Vorteile von ganzheitlichem Training
  •  Aspekt Koordination im Detail
  • Aspekt Kraftausdauer im Detail
  •  Aspekt Schnellkraft im Detail
  •  Aspekt Gleichgewicht/Stabilität im Detail
  •  Aspekt Rythmisierungsfähigkeit im Detail
  •  Aspekt Mobilität im Detail
  •  Aspekt Kreativität im Detail
  •  Aktivierung beider Gehirnhälften
  • Definition des Breakletics Intervalltraining
  • Bedeutung der aktiven Phase für den Organismus
  • Bedeutung der Erholungsphasen für den Organismus
  •  Definition des Breakletics Ausdauertraining
  •  Bedeutung des Ausdauertrainings für den Organismus
Kursaufbau: Warm Up
  • Richtiges Aufwärmen und Mobilisation der Gelenke
  • Vorbereitung auf die Belastung
  • Musikverständnis spielerisch einführen
  •  Erklärung der Übungen inkl. Sicherheitshinweise
  •  Aktivierung des Herz-Kreislauf-Systems
Kursaufbau: Übungen
  • Erkärung der Übung in der vorgegebenen Erklärzeit
  • Intervall Training und Erholungsphasen
  • Pausen aktiv und dennoch erhohlend gestalten
  •  Nutze die Pausen, um Anweisungen zu geben
Kursaufbau: Routine
  • Übergänge zwischen den Positionen
  • Unterschied Routine AB und Routine ABCD
  • Erklärung der Übergänge in der vorgegebenen Erklärzeit / Routine AB
  •  Erklärung der Übergänge in der vorgegebenen Erklärzeit / Routine ABCD
  •  Wie dir die Musik hilft Übergänge rechtzeitig anzusagen
Kursaufbau: Cool Down
  • Bedeutung des Cool Downs für das Training
  • Grundwissen Dehnübungen
  • Welche Muskelgruppen sollen gedehnt werden?
  •  Breakletics Interpretation des Cool Downs
Praxis: Basics
  • Plank (Formtraining, Didaktik, Sicherheitshinweise)
  • Squat (Formtraining, Didaktik, Sicherheitshinweise)
  • Squat Jumps (Formtraining, Didaktik, Sicherheitshinweise)
  •  Pushups (Formtraining, Didaktik, Sicherheitshinweise)
  •  Stair Pushups (Formtraining, Didaktik, Sicherheitshinweise)
  •  Burpees (Formtraining, Didaktik, Sicherheitshinweise)
Praxis: Kategorie BL Toprocks
  • Definition der Kategorie, Abgrenzung zu anderen Kategorien
  • Besonderheit: Vielseitigkeit und tänzerischer Aspekt, Beanspruchung der Oberschenkelmuskulatur
  • Einbau des funktionalen Aspekts
  •  Praxis: Basic Step (Formtraining, Didaktik, Sicherheitshinweise, Level)
  •  Praxis: Kick Ball Squat (Formtraining, Didaktik, Sicherheitshinweise, Level)
  •  Praxis: Step Cross (Formtraining, Didaktik, Sicherheitshinweise, Level)
  •  Praxis: Kick Ball Back (Formtraining, Didaktik, Sicherheitshinweise, Level)
  •  Praxis: Box Bounce (Formtraining, Didaktik, Sicherheitshinweise, Level)
  •  Praxis: Battle Step Squat (Formtraining, Didaktik, Sicherheitshinweise, Level)
  •  Praxis: Happy Feet (Formtraining, Didaktik, Sicherheitshinweise, Level)
Praxis: Kategorie BL Footworks
  • Definition der Kategorie, Abgrenzung zu anderen Kategorien
  • Besonderheit: Funktionaler und koordinativer Anspruch
  • Gelenkschonende Vorauswahl
  •  Praxis: Two Step (Formtraining, Didaktik, Sicherheitshinweise, Level)
  •  Praxis: Salsa Love (Formtraining, Didaktik, Sicherheitshinweise, Level)
  •  Praxis: Step Kick (Formtraining, Didaktik, Sicherheitshinweise, Level)
  •  Praxis: Kick In (Formtraining, Didaktik, Sicherheitshinweise, Level)
  •  Praxis: Reverse Two Step (Formtraining, Didaktik, Sicherheitshinweise, Level)
  •  Praxis: Swipe Step (Formtraining, Didaktik, Sicherheitshinweise, Level)
  •  Praxis: Footjabs (Formtraining, Didaktik, Sicherheitshinweise, Level)
Praxis: Kategorie BL Powermoves
  • Definition der Kategorie, Abgrenzung zu anderen Kategorien
  • Besonderheit: "Einfache" Pushups (gezielte Körperschwerpunktsverlagerung), Beanspruchung des Oberkörpers
  • Training der Tiefenmuskulatur durch Gleichgewichtsvariationen
  •  So schaffst Du es, dass Deine Teilnehmer Pushups lieben
  •  Praxis: Two Step Pushup (Formtraining, Didaktik, Sicherheitshinweise, Level)
  •  Praxis: Bottom Up (Formtraining, Didaktik, Sicherheitshinweise, Level)
  •  Praxis: Side to Side Pushup (Formtraining, Didaktik, Sicherheitshinweise, Level)
Praxis: Kategorie BL Crunches
  • Definition der Kategorie, Abgrenzung zu anderen Kategorien
  • Besonderheit: Koordinativer Anspruch und Gleichgewichts Training
  • Praxis: Side to Side Crunches (Formtraining, Didaktik, Sicherheitshinweise, Level)
  •  Praxis: Back Rolls (Formtraining, Didaktik, Sicherheitshinweise, Level)
  •  Praxis: Cross Crunches (Formtraining, Didaktik, Sicherheitshinweise, Level)
Praxis: Kurstraining
  • Grundwissen Training von Gruppen
  • Unterschiede zwischen kleinen und großen Gruppen
  • Ständiges Feedback zwischen Trainer und Teilnehmer
  •  Spiegelverkehrtes Unterrichten
  •  Motivation der Teilnehmer
  •  Korrektur der Bewegungsabläufe
  •  Training von Teilnehmern mit unterschiedlichen Fitnessleveln
  •  Besseres Training durch weniger "selbst Mitmachen"
  •  Setze Deine Energie effektiv und effezient ein
  •  So bereitest Du Deinen ersten Kurs vor
  •  Praxistraining: Unterrichtssitationen
How long is the license valid and how do I extend it?
The license is valid for 1 year, after that you have to show us that you still got what it takes. You will have to send us a class video and our master trainers will examine it and send you a detailed feedback. If you pass your license will be extended for another year. The whole process will cost you €59 (including two tries).
What are the requirements for becoming a trainer?
There are no requirements. But if your really want to become successful as a HIIT the Beat® trainer you...

+ should be passionate about fitness and sports
​+ should love working with people
+ should want to earn money with your passion (as a side business or full-time)
+ should be ready to actually do what you learn in the certification
+ ​should have some basic fitness level (you should be able to keep up with 55 minutes of HIIT the Beat)
+ do not need to have any experience as trainer
​+ ​do not need to have any experience as a dancer
​+ ​certainly do not need to have any experience as a breakdancer

Do not be scared. For many of certifications participants it is the first fitness certification they join. Our concept is designed so that you everything is explained from scratch and no prior experience is necessary.
How much do I pay for updates (music, etc.) ?
Every update is optional! But if you want to keep your class exciting you should purchase new content every few months:

+ Update Music - 29 EUR  

+ Update Moves - 29 EUR 

+ Update Package [ Music & Moves ] - New music, new exercises, new workouts (49 EUR)

+ Trainer Level 2 training - 1-day workshop to improve the quality of your classes. Cool new methods, common mistakes, more variation, and also some great marketing tips (189 EUR). Also an extension of your license for another year is included in this training.
How does the online certification work?
1. After the booking of the certification you can immediately start learning with our detailed teaching videos! All contents are divided into levels which take you through the different fields step by step. You will never feel overwhelmed. 

2. To progress to the next level you first have to complete the previous level by answering a quick multiple choice test. Some important levels require you to upload a video of yourself (for example doing a specific exercises). Our experienced master trainers will examine the video and give you detailed feedback - also in form of a video!

3. The last task will be to send us an exam video of yourself teaching a whole class.

4. Congratulations, you are now a licensed HIIT the Beat® trainer!

You will have 90 days of access to the online certification. Most of the participants need about 4 weeks to complete the certification. 
What happens if my exam video is not good enough?
You will get very detailed feedback explaining your mistakes and how to improve them. Do not worry, if you watch all our learning videos and do the exercises you will have no problem passing the exam. You will get two free tries, additional tries will cost you €59.